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Alloy wheel repair

Repairs to rim damage or scratches on painted and diamond cut alloy wheels 

  • Repair and repaint alloy wheels

Spot Repair

Repairs of minor damage or scratches in vehicle paint

  • Using water or solvent base coat systems
  • Using specifically designed abrasives, materials and techniques
  • Using the latest paint mixing software and systems

Paintless dent repair

Repair is done by pushing out the dent from behind the panel, or pulling out the dent from the outside

  • No damage to the paint using this method
  • Minor dents fixed in less than 30 minutes

Plastic repair

Repair of minor damage to both inner and outer plastic components on vehicle

  • For example on out panels, bumpers and plastic trim
  • Spot repair of paint after repair

Interior repair

  • Damaged/wear to leather, velour and plastic trim
  • Burn marks and holes
  • Damage/wear to instrument panel and steering wheel

Headlight repair

Repair dull, scratches and miscoloured headlights

  • Restore the UV protection
  • Repair in approx. 30 minutes
  • No removal of headlight needed

Windscreen repair

  • Repair different types of stone chip
  • Prevent development of cracks
  • Stone chips in windscreens is repaired in approx. 30 minutes
  • Repair windscreen instead of replace